What is Love and why do we all want to “be in it” so desperately?  Love is your most natural state of being.  Love is who you are and whose expression you are earth as it is in heaven!  Love is God and You are love expressing God!

Love is an internal emotion expressed externally

The splendor of love comes from the emotional feeling you unconsciously experience when looking at something of beauty.  It could be someone, it could be something, but the presence of love is the greatest gift given to you by your creator.

Love never ends (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Love has no beginning, nor does it end love is as eternal as time itself.  Everything you are or intend to be comes from the desire that love creates.  It is the warmth of the internal feeling that allows you to see the beauty in your lover’s eyes, or capture the rapture of autumn sunset, or the sensation of a summer’s breeze as it blows through your hair.

You need never look for love outside of yourself because God’s fullest expression of love is within you.  That internal expression of love begins with how much you love yourself and how much you express that love to others.

Love is free to you and should be freely given by you.  Love is not conditional and should not be used to hold yourself or someone else captive.  When you are afraid to give love you will never know the magnitude of loves power.

No one can fulfill the absence of love in your life only you can do that!  So seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, which is the love of God individually expressed through you as you.

Love makes no exceptions.

Love does not discriminate or alienate nor hold you hostage.  Love sees the best in you not the worst.  Love accepts your flaws and idiosyncrasies and sees the beauty in your uniqueness.  Love doesn’t want to make you like someone else love honors your individuality.

You are perfect in God’s sight and that is the only sight that matters.  So on this Valentine’s Day I encourage you to wrap your arms around yourself and acknowledge the loving essence and true presence of the God that created you, and loves you, and expects great things for you, why?  Because He’s incredibility fond of you!

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