Here are the 3 Steps to Forgiveness I learned from Mary Morrissey…

steps to forgivenessAs you begin to learn more and more about the power of forgiveness, forgiving your father, forgiving your mother, forgiving spouses, ex’s, girlfriends, co-workers and sometimes all of the above you must learn first and foremost how to forgive yourself!

Finding a loving lesson in a painful situation is not easy, but it is necessary if you want to live in a life of love rather than a life of anger and resentment.

My mother used to say, you can always find a strawberry in the mud! In other words there is always a good lesson you can learn even from an ugly situation. A Course In Miracles teaches, “If you are not coming from a place of love you are coming from a place of fear!” Anger, hurt, resentment, are all fears created from the recycled stories from your past.

It’s like trying to drive down a new road with an old map, you keep wanting to go the way you re-mem-ber (put back together) instead of trusting the new map knowing it will get you to the desired destination.

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of spending the weekend with the incredibly brilliant and amazing Mary Morrissey…The weekend seminar was called Dream Building Live.  Mary showed us how unconsciously we allow so many thoughts and things to hold us back! She also showed us how we allow the pain of our past, to sabotage our future and that we continue to travel new roads with old maps hoping for or expecting things to change.

I learned that forgiveness is a lifestyle not a process! It requires continual practice and daily exercises that will strengthen and empower your spiritual awareness and keep you from falling into the trap of coulda, woulda, shoulda!

She taught me that forgiveness is my spiritual remote control, and I can change the channel anytime I decide too! I can release the pain of my past by forgiving myself, and being grateful that in spite of it all IAM still here, and I’m better not bitter after having this experience!

Learning to forgive releases you from chasing what you don’t have to embracing all that you can have, all you have to do is change the channel!

Here are 3 Steps to Forgiveness, I learned from Mary that I started practicing that weekend.

  1. Turn down doubt turn up desire – If you can’t learn how to forgive yourself how can you possibly forgive someone else! If you can’t release doubt and fear within yourself, how can GOD work miracles through you? Turn down the doubt you have about yourself and embrace the desires of your heart. Doubt comes from your ego, desire comes from your GOD!
  2. Take a stand for better over bitter.  Misery loves company but that’s not a party I want to attend…My father used to say, “Don’t get mad get even”; I say “Don’t get madm get committed!”  Your better will take you to your best, your bitter will deny you your greatness!
  3. Interrupt your broadcast…When things don’t work out the way you want, or as quickly as you wish, and the negative noise starts playing in your head, change the channel! Constantly Negative News won’t support your dreams it will destroy them! CNN is a dream killer, not a dream builder…Don’t listen to the negative noise in your head, listen to the magical desires of your heart!

Learning how to forgive yourself is the key to unlocking the door to the promising future GOD intended for YOU!


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