How to Find God Without Religion is Possible Because God is Love!

“Can GOD be reached directly?”

How often do you unconsciously call on GOD?  Oh my GOD or OMG has become a popular catch phrase for text messaging or tweeting.  Yet, so many folks don’t think about the power behind those words.

how to find god without religionGOD can be and always has been directly available to you!   The return to love and keeps you in touch with the presence of GOD within you!  In other words… only love is real and GOD is only Love, anything else is the illusion of separation you create in your mind.

It is the breakdowns that make you more consciously aware of the GOD presence within you, those moments in time when your back is pressed to the wall and there is nothing else to do but surrender to the only power and the only presence of the Lord GOD within you!

I always wanted to know GOD!  I always loved GOD, and as a young child I wanted to know the meaning of this GOD that could create such amazing things.  As a child you think only in terms of magical realism or the miraculous possibilities because nothing is impossible and everything can be explained.

How could Santa travel around the globe in one night was not an impossible dream to a child it was a magical reality!  It could be done in the mind of a child just as those magical beans could produce a bean stalk that lead to the goose who lays the golden eggs, to Dorothy clicking her the heels of her ruby red slippers three times and be returned from Oz to her bedroom at home in Kansas.

Unfortunately, the magical and miraculous become dashed and tarnished with realities of the “real world” or someone else’s world begin to influence your thinking and your beliefs.  And the younger you are the more impressionable those realities become.

One of my childhood friends who I connected with on Facebook recently has been sending me old picks from back in the day.  I got a picture from him of the catholic school we attended back in the fifties that was amazing.  St. Joseph’s Catholic School was the “black” catholic school!  Yes segregation occurred in the Catholic Church too!

As I looked at that picture, especially the window on the right which was my second grade classroom, I had a flash back!  The only white person in our parish was our priest.  We were taught that he was GOD’s authority on earth and only he could forgive our sins.  And sadly we believed him!

Then the breakdown, as we prepared to make our First Holy Communion, this authority informed these second graders that there was a sin that even he could not forgive…that was the sin of Ham who was cursed by GOD and turned black! (By the way nowhere in the bible is this stated) and there was no place in heaven for him or his descendants.

Seven year old children entering the age of reasoning were told that there was no place for them in GOD’s kingdom unless, “you are really really good children” the priest said, and you always “do as you are told”, “GOD may send you to go to purgatory so you can burn away the sin of Ham and may allow you to go to heaven.”

Looking at that picture bought back that memory like it occurred yesterday.

I remember thinking how could GOD, that I loved so much, and a GOD that created me in HIS image and likeness, create me only to condemn me?


My heart was broken.  As a young mind I just couldn’t get it!  This was that Santa Claus moment when what you believed to be true became a painful lie!

There is a happy ending to this story and an incredible breakthrough lesson learned.  You see, what that priest didn’t know and I didn’t know it either at the time, was that he had set my feet on a path to find, learn, understand, and to forgive this GOD.

This Priest freed me with his condemnation, because if I was going to go to purgatory/hell I was going to earn my way in there!

This has been my journey and thanks to that priest I minister to people all over the world teaching them that GOD doesn’t condemn “We Do” GOD does destroy “We Do” and GOD is not a religion GOD is an omnipresence within each of us…That is what “created in HIS image and likeness” means, GOD is not flesh therefore GOD can not be defined as flesh, and the hell that one endures is the self hell created in your own mind.

It took me 50 years to forgive that priest, and when I discovered that he was in my life to bring me to the space in my life that GOD intended, my path would not be conventional or traditional but it would be inspirational!

I don’t know if that Priest is living or dead but from lips to GOD’S ears I say thank you!  Thank you for leading me to my life’s work.

A Course in Miracles, says, Yes GOD can be reached directly and “GOD takes you where you are and welcomes you.  What more could you desire, when this is all you need?”

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