Forgiveness Lesson:  It’s not just about removing the hurt, it’s about releasing the memory all together!

forgiveness lessonHow often have you heard, “Just say you’re sorry and move on”?  Yet the harder you try, the more anger or hurt you feel until you become more convinced that forgiveness is for chumps or weaklings!  Not to mention the fact that if you let them get away with this, then what’s to keep them from doing it again!

Your intention may be genuine and you may truly want to forgive a circumstance or situation, but it is your fear that keeps you trapped in the emotion of not letting go!  There is a part of you that must hold on just in case.

Remember the moment you set an intention…the Universe conspires to meet your demand.  The Universe can’t/won’t differentiate between good or bad, it will respond to what you ask for!   You make the request, you create the memory, you attach the energy, you manifest the request.  In other words, the angrier you are the more anger you will get!

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  This phrase means, you first then others!  Forgiving yourself makes it easier to forgive someone else, even if they don’t deserve it!  Just as God forgives us no matter what (it’s about Grace and not “deserving it”).

It’s not so much your heart that refuses to forgive as it is your brain!  Your brain is filled with overloaded memory files continuing recycling all that anger making sure there is always a response for you the moment something repeats itself!

Some of those files date back to your childhood or the first time your best friend hurt your feelings and stopped speaking to you…or told a lie about you to someone else.  And even though they may have apologized the feeling of hurt or betrayal never left you.

Those files are constantly updating, reminding, telling, and warning you to pay attention, to remember what happened the last time, telling you don’t fall for that again, these are all the triggers that take you right back to the original memory, and you replay it just like it was happening now.

R e m e m b e r, means to put back together.  Just like, mis-take and re-take; these energies can only exist with the thoughts from your past.

The true lesson on forgiveness happens when you can find the goodness in every lesson no matter how good or how bad it made you feel.

Old habits do die hard, but they do die, when your lesson on forgiveness becomes acceptance, you will then realize that forgiveness begins with YOU.

When you decide to listen to your heart (mind of GOD) it will defuse the memory in the brain…and like magic, zappa dappa! It’s gone!

When someone hurts you, you don’t have to be a doormat, nor do you have to continue to allow yourself to be victimized.  You can however, go from victim to victor by empowering yourself to step away from the hurt.  In other words you forgive the abuser and walk away from the abuse!

This does not mean that you forgive the offense however you return to love when you are able to forgive the offender.

Marianne Williamson, a speaker and author of “A Return to Love” has a quote that I love.  She says, “I forgive you but give me back my keys!”

What she is saying is that you don’t have to stay in any situation that does not serve your highest or best good!  Marianne also says that our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  Someone told you a long, long time ago, that you were not good enough, smart enough or creative enough and you believed them! 

So what is the truest lesson on forgiveness – forgive yourself first, then others…and take your Power back!

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