mind vs brainThere is a HUGE difference between the Mind and the Brain. The Mind is the Creator of thought, while the Brain is the Receiver of thought! So often people make reference to the brain by comparing it to the mind, and nothing could be further from the truth.
You’ve heard the phrase, “What was I thinking?” In most cases, you weren’t thinking you were in a “reactive”  mode.
Responding to data already stored in the word document you call your brain!  The brain does not have one single original thought!  It has a collection of recycled memories that either reference the pain or pleasure (mostly pain) of your past or the fear or anticipation (mostly fear) of your future.   
Everything you think about seeks to find the corresponding data already filed in your brain; you may have new thoughts but, you respond in old ways. 
You have also heard, “Thoughts are things” and/or “What you think about you bring about.” The creator and the receiver are like prayer and meditation, one is asking, the other is receiving. The energy that connects these together is based on the belief system programmed in your computer brain.   
Intuitively and intellectually what you believe to be true, should change as you evolve.  Unfortunately you may change your mind but rarely do you change your brain!
When an old belief becomes a new truth, you don’t just change your mind…you must also change the belief file stored in your brain.   Simply put, the brain is the computer, the computer stores the data, the data is saved in your documents, until you either update the file or delete it all together. 
For example, I had an experience of racism in a foreign country.  I told a friend about it and she said something to me that would follow me to this day; she said, when racism is no longer an issue for you the racists will stop showing up.” She didn’t mean that racism would no longer exist in the world, what she meant was that it would cease to exist in my world. That was indeed a believer/receiver file change moment!  The same applies to lack and limitation, if your brain file is programmed to unworthiness then that’s what you are going to continue to get!  That is until you are willing to change or delete your current file and make it a present file!
Meditation allows the Mind (GOD) to speak to you.  However, remember what A Course In Miracles states, “The ego speaks first and it speaks the loudest”… thus the mind will not interfere with the program the brain is transmitting!
Only in the stillness can the brain clearly receive new data!   Scripture says, “Be Still and Know That IAM GOD!”  In other words sometimes you need to turn off your computer! 
Following meditation, the brain kind of re-boots itself so as to interpret the new or present data with the old or past data!  For the sake of conversation let’s call them dreams and aspirations.  The new thoughts then determine what needs to be done with the new information.   Even if you believe something to be true, unless the information in your brain supports the new data, you will either have to update the file and save the changes or delete the file altogether and create a new one! In other words you can’t have what you want thinking the way you think!
For example, GOD (mind) says, You Can Do This!  The Brain (receiver) says Oh Really!  The brain instantly searches for the ‘You Can Do This’ document in your receiver file!  If the data can be found to support what the mind is telling the brain, then off you go, being about your Father’s business!  However, if the data does not support the brain or the file cannot be found, then the brain file says file can not be found!  Usually at this time, the fear or doubt file pops up, and you are reminded of what happened the last time you tried this or the, who do you think you are, file quickly reminds you of your last failure! 


Here’s the good news:  It doesn’t matter how old your computer is (brain), or what kind of software you may be still running (past beliefs), or if your hard drive is old and antiquated, you have the ability to update your files, remove old software, delete old documents and reprogram your hard drive at any time. 
Because there is truly nothing greater than understanding your mind…and renewing your mind!