often do you use the word Can’t in the course of your daily conversations?  How often do you do the same things over and over again expecting a different result?  How often do you tell yourself that you want to change, but you can’t because it is just too hard?

You’ve heard the saying old habits die hard, and there is some truth to that phrase, however, scripture states, that you can do all things in Christ that gives you strength!  Which one you choose to follow will determine your success or lack thereof.  Yes, it may be difficult or challenging to break a habit but it is never impossible when your will is strong even if your body is weak, by GOD grace you will be the one to break it!

If someone tells you they “can’t stop eating meat,” that’s not the truth!  What they are saying is they can’t or are not willing to break the habit of eating meat!  You can stop doing anything in an instant when the motivation is strong enough.  For example, what if you thought the meat was tainted with some toxin or what if your doctor told you arteries are so clogged that if you don’t stop eating meat you will need by-pass surgery!  These are extreme measures but they are motivating factors in changing behaviors aren’t they?

I Can’t has become the catch phrase for I don’ want too, either because it’s too hard or you don’t know how!  I can’t do this because I tried it once and it didn’t work …I can’t do that, what will other people think or say, or one of the most popular is…I can’t change now, even though I know I should, I’ve always done it this way and it is too late to change now!

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with Forgiveness?  The short answer, it has everything to do with forgiving.  Negative thinking produces negative behavior, positive thinking produces positive behavior, so what you think about you bring about!  As Henry Ford once said, whether you think you can or you can’t You’re Right!

How can you possibly forgive anyone until you learn to first forgive yourself? Forgiveness takes you out of the realm of dependent thinking or limited thoughts, to the miraculous  world of unlimited thinking; full of imagination and creative thinking.  The longer you hold onto anger and upset towards yourself or someone else, the more limited you are and the less likely you will change or even want to!

Anytime something hurtful or discouraging happens in your life you retreat back into that familiar behavior the one that soothes the pain & numbs the brain.  Whether it is food or drugs, it makes you feel better, at least for a short period of time or until the guilt begins to literally work your nerves or fry your brain!

Sadly, that sweet still voice that continues to tell you “yes you can” is drowned out by that egoic dysfunctional voice that says “no you can’t”; what is even sadder is that you believe the loudest voice!  A Course in Miracles, states that the ego speaks first, and it speaks the loudest!”

It really comes down to this, who are you willing to listen to, Your Ego or Your GOD?  The only way to get to the divine orchard GOD created to grow and blossom within you is cut to your core.  As Bishop TD Jakes say’s, you either cut to the core, or you rot to the core…

Pruning the garden of your conscious mind takes time, effort, and determination.  Getting ahead of the pesky weeds of negative thinking before they take root can be difficult, but never ever impossible.  When you consider that every weed you pull makes room for the consciousness of GOD to expand and grow, then there is nothing that will stop you.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said it best ‘Ain’t Nothin Greater Than A Made Up Mind!’

Say It Loud, and say it Proud!  Yes I Can!

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