Forgiveness is all about YOU!

Finding Forgiveness is a lot like searching for love. Sounds funny but it’s true. A lot of folks look for love in all the wrong places, and they seek forgiveness in all the wrong places too! Forgiveness does not happen on the outside it happens on the inside…Your Inside!

forgiveness is all about youForgiveness is never about them, it’s all about you! Yes you!   You can choose to carry the weight of unresolved unforgiveness issues or you can decide to let it go!

Some people think that forgiving someone is letting the other person off the hook, or that you are giving the perpetrator a free pass to use you, hurt you, or abuse you again; when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Forgiveness frees you! Un-forgiveness suppresses you!

Your hurt and pain becomes self- inflicted! Each time you Re-hash the situation in your head or out loud with someone else you are Re-Living the pain of your past! That means, the incident resurfaces, the emotion attached to the incident is Re-activated, and the pain begins again bringing you right back where you started from!  You no longer need the person to relive the incident you now have the memory!   And your ego can spin the story anyway you want it to! You can be the victim or the betrayed, it’s all up to you!

Your ego’s job is to convince your that it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you GOD!  Because the brain can’t differentiate from what’s real or unreal, it can only respond to the data it is given!

You have those who believe forgiveness is a process that requires years of therapy.  You also have those who believe they can forgive but will never forget. But most people fall somewhere in the middle — they can forgive or forget, but either way there are conditions attached.    Make no mistake though…forgiveness is all about you!  You set the terms, you decide the fate, and you control the outcome!

So how do you eliminate or cancel those un-forgiveness files that are recycling in your brain?

It’s simple and it’s true, you keep forgiving! Every time the thought comes up you can say out loud or to yourself, I release and I let go of this feeling that does not serve my higher good! Even though it’s simple, it is not always easy, and it takes lots of practice.

You can forgive the living or the dead…Forgiveness is a decision you make not to carry the burder!  You can drop it like it’s hot right on the spot; right here and right now!


Because it is critical to your spiritual growth and development…You can’t reach higher ground with the weight of past issues holding you down!

No matter what the circumstance or situation, you have made it through the fire, you are right here right now, and you deserve the keys to GOD’S Kingdom. Love is the key and Forgiveness will take you there!

A Course in Miracles teaches:

“I AM responsible for what I see.
    I CHOOSE the feelings I experience, and I DECIDED ON the goal I would achieve.
    And everything that SEEMS to happen TO me, I ASKED FOR and received as I had asked.”

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